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Privacy statement for Nakoa customers


In this statement, we explain why we process personal data and what rights you have regarding the processing of your personal data. This Privacy Statement covers all data collected through our website or in connection with related services, as well as the data that is collected when you contact our customer service by email or through our website.

By continuing to use the Website and our services, you accept this Privacy Policy.


  1. Registrar

Nakoa Oy

Social security number: 3136437-6

Vihikuja 9, 90540 Oulu

Tel: +358505518845

  1.     Contact information in matters concerning the register

Nakoa Customer Service

Phone: +358505518845


  1. Purpose and legal basis of personal data processing

The processing of personal data is based on the controller's legitimate interest, contractual relationship and/or compliance with the controller's statutory obligation. The processing of personal data can also be based on the data subject's consent, which then forms the legal basis for the processing in the applicable parts. The controller has a legitimate interest in engaging in factual, justified and legal sales and marketing activities, including related customer profiling.

  1.     Description of collected data

Personal data is processed within the limits allowed by legislation for the management and development of the customer. We mainly collect personal data to process orders.

The personal data processed in the register can be used for the following purposes:



We need personal data for order processing and delivery, as well as for customer communication related to orders (for example, order and delivery confirmation). In addition, the information can be used for procedures related to invoicing and collection, as well as for processing possible complaints. We do not save payment information other than the payment method and prices for a possible refund.


Offering and marketing of products

 We can process personal and shopping cart data as well as purchase history for customer profiling, to target offers, benefits, marketing measures and customer communication to be of interest to the customer. Personal data is also processed in connection with sending the newsletter, participating in contests and raffles or other marketing measures.



If you have created a customer account on our website, we use your personal data to manage the account so that you can view your order history, create wish lists and save your shopping cart. Address information is also saved for later orders, address information can be changed or deleted either by the customer or Nakoa.


 Development of products and services and anonymized reporting

We may process personal data to improve our current products and services and to develop new ones. We can connect the feedback given and the messages left to our customer service with the user account.


We use answers from consumer surveys and consumer surveys to analyze our customers' preferences, expectations and opinions about our products, websites and services.


We use anonymized information for reporting purposes. Anonymized data cannot be used to identify individuals, but we use this data to analyze the realization of commercial goals. Such information includes, for example, the total number of visitors to our website and the duration of the visit to the website.


Customer service


 Our customer service processes your personal data when you contact it through any channel. We can combine the data collected by customer service with other personal data, for example purchase history. This way we can offer the most personal and efficient service possible.


Detection and prevention of illegal activity


In some cases, we may be required to hand over your information, including personal information, by law or regulations, such as in connection with a lawsuit. We may also disclose your information based on a subpoena, court decision or other legal proceedings, or in connection with a police investigation or at the request of an authority.



  1.     Automatically collected personal data

When you place an order or visit our website, we automatically collect information about your visit. Some of this information can be classified as personal information. Such information is:

-   browser used, operating system, device model, IP address, connection establishment time and connection duration

-   identification information of the logged-in customer's user account and Registration date

-   location information (including Wi-Fi access point information)

-   websites through which the site was accessed

-   information related to online behavior on our website (for example, clicks and navigations on the page, used search terms)

-   cookies and other identifying information

-   language

-   marketing information: benefits and campaigns and their use

-   purchase history at the level of an individual product and shopping cart information

-   in addition, the information of the customer who subscribed to the electronic newsletter is collected for managing the subscription to the newsletter and for other matters related to the implementation of customer communication.

-   other information collected based on your consent


  1.     Directly collected personal data

Directly collected information refers to information that you, as a customer, provide to us yourself, for example in connection with an order or by contacting our customer service. Directly collected information includes:

-   Subscriber's contact information (name, e-mail address, telephone number, postal address and possibly other voluntarily provided personal information such as company or date of birth)

-   If the recipient of the order is different from the customer, the recipient's name and postal address

-   Information about marketing permits and prohibitions

-   Message history with our customer service via chat, Facebook, website contact form or email

-   Contact information that is given when participating in various raffles and competitions


  1.     Disclosure of personal information to others

Your personal data can be disclosed within the limits permitted by law to the partners of Nakoa Oy, to the extent that it is necessary for the assignment given by the customer. Third parties include personal data processors and only third parties approved by Nakoa, with the help of which we can complete assignments and improve the customer experience even further. When we use subcontractors or third parties, we make sure that their personal data is processed in accordance with data protection regulations.


In order to implement our excellent customer experience and to fulfill assignments, we may have to transfer personal data to the service provider's server or to be processed by resources located outside the EU or its economic area. In these cases, we ensure that appropriate contractual measures are applied to the transfer of personal data (for example, adherence to the European Commission's Standard Contractual Clause), that the transfer has an appropriate legal basis and that their processing meets the confidentiality requirements set by law.


The third parties to whom it is necessary for us to disclose information in order to process orders are listed below. In addition, the third parties we use for marketing, development and analysis of our site are listed below. This Privacy Statement covers the use of your data only by Nakoa, please also familiarize yourself with the privacy statements of our partners.


-   Transport companies: Places, Matkahuolto, Postcode

-   Payment service providers: PayTrail: PayPal, Klarna

-   Online shopping system and order processing: Shopify 

- Marketing and news coverage: Klaviyo, Mailchimp 

-   Other: Facebook, Instagram, Google 


  1.   Cookies

A cookie is a short piece of text or file that a website sends to your browser. It helps the site remember the information of your visit, such as the language you selected and other settings. The cookie makes your next visit easier and makes the site run smoother for you. Cookies play an important role in terms of content.

Nakoa Oy uses a system that uses cookies. With them, for example, we count the number of visitors to the pages, enhance and develop and save your language choice.

You can read more about the use of cookies on the Shopify e-commerce platform from here.

  1.     Personal information on social media

Nakoa Oy's social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube, are public and the registers created on the sites contain information made public by the registrant himself, such as name, reviews, website likes and shares, and comments. We are in no way responsible for the personal data of users registered on social media sites or their protection.

When you engage with us through social media, we may collect, store and retain automatically collected data about your use of these channels. For example, if you press the Like button on our social media pages or tag your friend in our publication, we save this information. This information is most likely non-identifiable information, but it may include information that can be linked to a person, depending on your settings. on the channel.

The content you publish on social media is your own published data, which can be connected to you depending on the content. We collect, store and use this content and other information you post on our social media channels. We may also use information that you have allowed the social media channel to share with us or that is shareable according to your user settings on these sites.

  1. Storage of personal data

The register is stored electronically and properly protected from outsiders with firewalls, passwords and other generally accepted technical protection measures in the field of information security. Only identified employees of the registrar and companies acting on its behalf or on behalf of the registrar may have access to the personal data contained in the register with the right of use granted by the registrar. All employees who have access to personal data are bound by confidentiality.


  1. Website user rights regarding personal data

The customer has the right to check what information about him is stored in the register. The inspection request must be sent in writing to the person handling the registry affairs of the registrar. The inspection request can also be submitted in person at the address mentioned above. When submitting an inspection request in person, the customer must have an identity document with them. Nakoa Oy responds to data inspection requests in writing.

If there are errors in the customer's data, the customer can submit a request to the controller to correct the error. The customer has the right to prohibit the use of their data for direct marketing or market and opinion surveys by notifying the controller.

The customer has the right to delete personal data processed by Nakoa at any time, except in the following situations: you have an open matter in customer service; you have an open order that has not yet been fully delivered; you are suspected of abusing our services or have misused our services in the past four years; you have an unpaid debt to Nakoa, regardless of the payment method; if you have made purchases, we have to keep your personal data related to the purchase based on accounting regulations.

  1. Children's personal data

Through the online store, we only accept orders from those over 18 years old, so we do not knowingly collect children's personal information through our website.

  1. Changes to the privacy policy

Nakoa reserves the right to change this privacy statement. The latest version of the privacy policy can always be found on this page with the publication date. If the changes in the updated description are significant, we will announce them in a visible way at the beginning of the description and on the homepage.


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