Nakoa | Set of values

Unique design

Nakoa's goal is to create unique, stylish and versatile credit products for a lifelong journey. At Nakoa, we design clothes that are timeless, with the spirit of time. Clothes should be beautiful, but you also have to be comfortable in them. We try to find the best materials and fabrics for you, so that each garment is as high-quality and durable as possible. Unique patterns are an important part of Nakoa and they give the products a distinctive look!


Nakoa means brave and it is our most important value. We wanted to create something new and bold - and do it in our own, unique way! We want to encourage and inspire you towards your own goals. Courage means different things to each of us and there are no measures of courage.


Nakoa cares about customers, stakeholders, the environment and the people of Nakoa. The core of Nakoa's operations is the customer, and it guides our everyday design work. We also want Nakoa to be a pleasant place to work and, in addition, our partners are happy to work with us.

Nakoa | Responsibility

Quality design and product

Nakoa's operating model is to design clothes that are of high quality and last a long time. Nakoa's products and prints are designed in Finland. In manufacturing, we focus on the multi-purpose and longevity of the clothes. Our materials are carefully selected and tested for a long time.

The cotton used by Nakoa comes from Lithuania and has a GOTS certificate. The linen also comes from Lithuania and the fabric has the Ökötex100 certificate. All Nakoa clothes are sewn in Estonia, with a reliable partner.

 For slow fashion

The cornerstone of Nakoa's operations is to design clothes that are timeless, with the spirit of time. In practice, this means that the clothes withstand changing trends, but are still fashionable from season to season.

Nakoa's clothes are designed to look beautiful, but also to last. We want to make clothes that become your favorite clothes and you want to wear them over and over again. We wanted to design clothes that serve the body's changes and needs.

A good partner

Nakoa's activities are guided by caring. Important stakeholders include designers, manufacturers, retailers, employees and influencers. We want it to be good to cooperate with us and we strive for long-term partnerships. We prefer partners who also operate transparently and responsibly.