An ecologically produced linen dress is the trendiest choice of the summer

Ekologisesti tuotettu pellavamekko on kesän trendikkäin valinta

Nakoa's linen clothes are a responsible, stylish and easy choice for summer dressing. The great properties of linen come into their own both on a hot summer day and on a cooling city evening. In addition to those who value ecology, linen clothing is also chosen by the most trend-conscious.

Linen is a high-quality and valued material that brings luxury to everyday life and is also excellent for party wear. From the linen dress, you can get a reliable summer outfit that, when properly fitted, will charm you in every situation.

Enjoying the outdoors on a warm summer day can easily pass the whole day. From the beach straight to the terrace with friends? A versatile, casually stylish linen dress is your choice!


The best qualities of linen

Nakoa's linen dress is a carefree summer garment that you don't have to worry about drenching summer rain or ice cream stains. Linen dries quickly and it is easy to clean the stains brought by the summer, because the natural luster of the linen surface repels dirt.

A linen dress is the perfect outfit for a hot day, because the fabric doesn't feel damp or abrasive even in hot weather. 

- Linen binds up to 10-20 percent of its own weight in moisture before it starts to feel damp against the skin. This feature makes the linen garment comfortable and cool even on a hot summer day. On the other hand, multipurpose linen also warms on cool summer evenings, says Annika, Nakoa's production manager.

In addition to linen dresses, Nakoa's collection also includes beautiful linen overalls and linen pants. Linen is a pleasant material for both children and adults, as the durable natural fiber feels comfortable against the skin. Linen is a naturally antibacterial material and is often also suitable for allergy sufferers, as linen fabric does not irritate the skin.

- Linen is a strong material that is made for summer adventures. Pucker-free and electrified linen will only get better over time if properly cared for and washed.

A well-recognized feature of linen is its wrinkling, which only adds to the charm of linen clothing.

- There is no more carefree material for summer dressing than linen! Linen is a durable, pleasant, ecological and trendy material that does not even need to worry about wrinkles.


Certified linen is close to produced

All Nakoa linen products comply with the Ökö-Tex 100 standard. The Ökö-Tex 100 standard means that there are no substances harmful to human health in linen.

Nakoa wants to keep its production nearby, and products designed in Finland are ethically manufactured in a neighboring country.

- The linen used by Nakoa is produced in Lithuania and all Nakoa clothes are sewn in Estonia. We have chosen the cooperation factory and fabric suppliers carefully. It is important to us that we know with certainty that our products are manufactured in good conditions.

Linen is an ecological choice

What makes linen an ecological material is its properties related to cultivation, production, recycling and sustainability.

Flax is a durable natural fiber that also grows in nutrient-poor soil that cannot be used for growing food, for example.

Flax grows quickly, and it doesn't need much extra watering besides rainwater. Flax is also not popular with pests, so it generally does well without pesticides, which are harmful to biodiversity and waterways. All parts of the flax plant can be used, so it is a perfect material in accordance with the zero waste way of thinking. Linen is also 100 percent biodegradable and the processing of linen does not require a lot of energy.

The ecological nature of linen clothes is also increased by the fact that linen clothes are best used over generations.

- Our customers are clearly interested in the responsibility and longevity of clothes. Our linen clothes are designed in such a way that not only the fabric but also the designs last. Nakoa's values include that we don't sell fast fashion.




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